Earn Online By Posting Things in Forums


The forum owners want to keep their forums busy and popular all the time so they hire people to get the things posted. By this way the forum owners can attract more visitors for long term. 

If you get hired by form owner, your main job will be to initiate new thread to attract the visitors of different types. You will also have to take care of existing threads and reply to users posts regularely. You must be creative enough as a forum poster because you have to post interesting things that people usually like and by this way you are responsible to keep users interest alive for your forum. 

This is also a new learning opportunity for you as well because you study new things to post it in forum. Just choose the topic that you are already interested in and earn with fun.

Here are some tips for you to become successful forum poster.


1. There are many freelancing website which provide such a service like upwork.com, guru.com etc. 

2. Just visit to these sites an apply for forum posting job.

3. You will get a call for an interview within a week. 

4. Make an agreement with your recruiter for pay per post and posting deadline. 

5. To keep good impression, try to finish the job within deadline. 

6. Avoid repetition of same words or sentences while writing or replying any post.

How much one can make out of forum posting?

Normally the forum posters make, the general price range from $0.10 to $1.0 per post.

If you are doing it as a full time job, you can easily make a 500 to 1000 posts per day so you can earn more than $100 per day. Sounds interesting? Then what are you waiting for? just visit above sites and start earning from now!