Earn online as a forum moderator


Now a days there is a great opportunity to work as a forun moderator because increasing number of forums each day.

Forum owners want to block negative comments and spam messages also they want to keep the users engage with quality posts and they ensure their users get fast resolution of queries asked by users so forum moderator comes in picture here.

What is the job of forum moderator?
1. To monitor all posts and comments posted by users.
2. To delete spam and unwanted messages also to block the spammers.
3. To answer the questions asked by users. You can take help of other users in this case or simply search the web for right answer.
4. To encourage users to post new things and comment on existing posts.
5. To start new interesting thread and keep people busy.
6. To ensure forum rules are followed.
7. To use social media to invite people to join the forum.

Forum moderator job will change your knowledge level to very high as you study particular topic every day and this is great advantage for your personal improvement also.

How to join as a forum moderator?
1. To join as a forum moderator, post your profile on any freelancing sites. There are 100’s of freelancing sites now a days you will get if you search for it. upwork.com, guru.com and glassdoor.com etc. are some of the examples.
2. You must describe your interest and your level of expertiese in order to get selected quickly.
3. Search the forum moderator job on any freelancing website and apply for it.
4. Google also publish the list of vacancies as a forum moderaotr. keep eye on it.
5. Search popular forums on google and contact forum owner. Forum owners usually need people having good writing and thinking skill. Show your interest and some knowledge.

How much one can earn as a forum moderator?
Usually forum moderators can earn $5 to 4$50 per hour depending on their posting abilities, role, experience and interest.