Earn online as a blogger


Do you have burning topics to talk about? Are you passionate about something? Do you have an ability to express your thoughts in fancy ways?
If you answer is yes, then welcome to blogger’s family and start your career as a blogger.

Blogging is the good platform to share your passions and earn money by sharing things that you are already interested in with other people.
While making your career as a blogger, you need to choose topics wisely that people are interested in and you must have an ability to write the
things in fancy way to make your topic more interested.


The main income of bloggers come from the advertisements that are published on their blogs or websites. There are many advertisement companies in the market who pay you for publishing their advertisement on your blog. The google adsense is on top of all. There are many ways to monetize your blog. You get paid if someone clicks on the advertisement or you get some amount if your blog reaches the particular visitor count per day.

How can one become a blogger?
1. There are many blogging platform in the market now a days like Google’s blogger, WordPress, Wix, Gator,Tumblr, Medium, Ghost, Weebly etc.2. Choose any platform and register to start your blog.3. Blogger and word press are most widely used platforms for blogging.
4. If you are new blogger, it is recommended to start with google’s blogger platform. Just login to www.blogger.com with your google account and create a new blog.
5. You can take some help from web or youtube videos about creating your blog on blogger.
6. If you have sufficient number of posts or pages (lets say 20 to 25) then you can apply for adsense account. Once approved, you can place the advertisements on your blogs and start earning on regular basis. This is the best example of passive earning.
7.You can purchase custom domain of your choice and link it with your blog. The another benefit to have blog on blogger platform is you don’t have to pay anything for hosting. Your blog is hosted in google’s free cloud hosting.
8. You can get 1000’s of free responsive and mobile friendly templates on the internet. Just search for the free blogger templates. If you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, then you can modify your blogs template as per your need.
9. You are a experienced blogger, then you can start your blog with wordpress with paid hosting and custom domain name. There are many advantages to have a blog on wordpress rather than blogger. WordPress blog easily gets some SEO advantage than blogger.
10. There are many ready made plugins are available for wordpress blog which are easy to install and use.
11. Before starting blog, you can get the most searched keyword in particular year or all time on google. It will help you choose a good topic for your blog.
12. You can share your bloggers post with your friend on social media like facebook or twitter to get more web traffic.
13. If you are using adsense, please read all rules and policies to prevent your account from getting blocked in future.
14. Just search google or youtube and start your own blog today.


How much one can get with blogging?
This is depend on the title and popularity of your blog. You can earn minimum 1$ to $100 per day for single well decorated blog having quality content. Many people have become millionaire with blogging profession.This is not the job which gives you quick income. You must have enough patience as may blogs start earning after 6 months from publishing.